long day

got up at 9am, slack arnd till abt 11 and then had 2 leave for Jurong East
was meetin juniors 4 lunch + movie + Creative warehouse sale

ends up only me and Weilin there 4 the time being. Ashok and Andrew came a bit later. watch Shrek 2 :D enjoyed it much more than Troy i say :P Donkey!!! :P:P
after movie went 2 the creative warehouse sale just to look see look see around. seemed smaller than last year 2 me.

i just realised… by typing speed seems to be dying :P not enuf playin games i guess :P:P shld i rectify the ‘problem’ then? :P

RIP the forum… or are least possible RIP… dying / dead.
well does it matter? who knows?
do i care? maybe.. maybe not

time i get back 2 work. IES work :P


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