Sony says ‘bye-bye’??

Sony Exits U.S. Handheld Market
Sony presses CLIE ‘pause’ button
and just when I thought the new line of clies were actually 1 of the best yet.. the main thing that drew me away from the clies were the Sony Memory Stick….
i dont want sony sony sony stuff.. i just want a generic removable storage card. is that 2 much 2 ask for?
the PEG TH-55 was what every1 was looking for, virtual graffiti on a tablet pda, ie no flip and swivel things like the high end PEG-NZ90
the PEG-TJ37 was cool as it had wifi!!!!! and also a camera
the PEG-TJ27 was pretty good entry device that sacrificed audio capabilities 4 the camera… maybe it shld have been the other way around tho i tink…
another thing i didnt like abt the clies.. the model numbering :S:S
a few letters then numbers :S:S
heck actually most PDA models r like that.
in that sense u gotta love palmOne for their naming convention.
at least its much easier 2 rmmbr what is what.. at least 4 me it is :P
HP ipaqs at least i have a vague remembrance of each line..
but the clies… its like all :S:S:S 2 me

Im lazy… so i want this. but then again i dont iron anything.. except shirts and pants 4 those once in a blue moon occasions :P
but still.. it would be nice 2 have


One thought on “Sony says ‘bye-bye’??

  1. If there can be a compilation of 99 ‘Performance Tips for Windows XP’, then we know how ‘Great’ WinXP is. But pretty nifty tips. Not bad..

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