finally done what i wanted 2 do….

well.. more like unfinished business from yesterday
w/ the internship stuff..

computer fair at expo. will be goin later. wanna c what they have there tho its usually the same old stuff. but it wont hurt 2 go.
i shld get out of my rm.
doesnt help w/ the fact that a fren told me yesterday not 2 4get to go out :P
its not like im some vampire or something hidding away in my rm rite? rite??? :P

yes i like coding and programming in my rm.
heck i could stay in my rm the whole day long if i wanted to..
but i still need to go out to get food and stuff…
now only if u could stick me w/ a tube to give me food, then maybe i could do a ‘stay in rm 24-7’ thingy :P

Currently reading Beginners Guides: 99 Performance Tips for Windows XP. yes.. 99.. some stuff helps u save a whole lotta HD space..
i was running on like 1+gigs the other day.. and after a few tweaks i had 4+gigs free!!!!
main offenders were system restore, hibernation and page file size. if im not mistaken at least :P

now i need 2 start programmin 4 this website…
got lots of aspirations 4 it but no time :P
sigh…. holidays and i have no time :P
but at least im happy hehe :D
thats it 4 now..


One thought on “finally done what i wanted 2 do….

  1. vampiRE.. hahaaa.. :P u’re not gonna become a vampire even if u stay 24-7 in ur room.. u’ll juz get dusty n grow cobwebs wif ur room.. :X n mebbe get abit of that stale smell (since ur room is not airconditioned anymore..)
    n i dun tink u wan food fr a tube.. cuz it’ll most prob be mashed up n disgustin :P

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