this is what im talking abt

** Updated at 9:38:32 on 2004/06/09 **
PalmOne blinds Treo smartphone for Sprint
smart move by PalmOne except that the price is the SAME as the treo w/ a camera…
i tink i got the price thing from slashdot which has banned my IP. doubt it has 2 do anything that i’ve done.. thinking its coz of the NUS network or something…

but the register articles abt camera phones that just make me not want 2 buy a new phone yet :p
‘Poke your camera phone’s eye out’ – analyst
Up-skirt law to destroy mobile phone biz?

sigh… what phone 2 get… and just go back 2 looking at phone plans after i found out i have 2 pay a $200 deposit 4 a singtel line… sigh… but prolly still getting it tho.

let me say this… i want THIS!!!!!! so cool :D:D


2 thoughts on “this is what im talking abt

  1. =p u want me 2 mention ‘shopping’ here and there??
    walking here and there. look here and there? :P:P
    coz i think thats a bit ‘boring’ 2 mention :P

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