been a long day

out at abt 930. breakfast at mcdonalds (funan IT mall), w/ chee.
after a quick search at funan 4 a firewire & usb2.0 PCMCIA (pls use the ‘common sense’ explanation) card, we were off 2 bugis 2 look 4 clothes and stuff. roamed abt 4 quite a while.
after that went 2 suntec.
on the way 2 suntec had masala thosai 4 lunch.
strolled around carrefour (i can nvr spell it right w/o reference :P) then met up w/ chee’s cousin.
went 2 the esplanade, and when we got there, there was a puppet show. i think it was “maybelline the life-like puppet” or something like that, could really rmmbr.
after watchin the show, just walked a bit b4 goin 2 marina square.
ate nasi lemak at “Qi Ji” (i tink thats what the shop’s name is) b4 goin 2 city link mall and leaving chee’s cousin in HMV while we went off.
went back 2 funan 2 c if the shop i wantd 2 look 4 my pcmcia was still open. was abt 7+ i tink.
was closed :(
so back 2 suntec 2 do some food shopping.
got 2 chickens :P buy 1, get 1 free.
got 2 baguettes :P buy 1, get 1 free :P

and now im back and my feet r hurting :”(:”(:”(
2moro back 2 internship work..
looking 4 a java eqtn editor…..


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