long day so far…

got up at abt 10 :P
went off 2 c internship supervisor after an hr of slacking off in my rm.
then met a fren 4 lunch b4 playin badminton and table tennis from like 2-430
then went 4 an early dinner and now back in rm

Nokia ‘invests in Mozilla’: is it true??? if so… nooooooooo :P:P ok i admit, maybe im biased coz i do use Opera but hey i use it coz i like it. yes it does cost $$ but i feel its worth it. doesnt help being an Opera user since version 3.21 which is like 5/6 yrs ago.. i tink not 2 sure
with that said tho, i do believe in open source software like Mozilla. heck i do contemplating on switchin over to open source products.. try 2 use OpenOffice more (ps OpenOffice 1.1.2 just released and ready for download. even contemplating switchin from Opera to Mozilla or Firefox but i dont tink i can do that yet. still love Opera for the way it is :D

  • tabbed browsing (mozilla and firefox have that)
  • customised shortcuts (not sure how much u can customise in mozilla and firefox)
  • customised looks including skins and toolbars (the customise toolbar is the way all customise toolbars shld be :D)
  • mouse jestures (there is an extention 4 moz / ff)
  • the experience and ease at which to change settings (F12 for quick preferences :D)
  • built it mail client m2 (its good enuf 4 me)
  • its supposed to be a fast browser but its hard 2 judge (done so of my own tests but not that great and lazy 2 try more :P)
  • standard compliant (but the so is moz and ff i tink, shld be)

those r basically the things i really like abt Opera and why I use it. but there r a few things which Opera doesnt support that i would like to c be supported and to work w/o having to do workarounds. but haaaa well. maybe i can just get moz’s code and try 2 do something 4 myself IF i have the time 2 learn and the knowledge to do it :P

need 2 start work soon… :P:P
go shower 1st….


2 thoughts on “long day so far…

  1. well, can still communicate online.. via video conferencin etc etc :P technology is advance enough that the miles doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. – Eriol

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