been a while it seems since i’ve posted…

1st things 1st… ya chee gone back home :”(:”(:”(:”(
me left here now :(

have 2 work tho.. get work done, then go home.. hopefully.

In the ‘news’
the freaking haze is back!!!! i can smell it. i can c it!!!
and worse of all i dont have my ac rm yet!!! X-(X-(X-(
i want my ac rm!!!!!!
autopatcher: basically its all the XP patches and stuff necessary when u just formated ur comp or something (at least i think it is :P). doesnt have sp1 tho, but can download that directly from here anyway (network installation if u r not 2 sure)
Critical flaw found in game software
U.S. Navy to Deploy Rail Guns by 2011: rail guns!!!! quake!!!!! i wanna play!!! later maybe.. need 2 work :P
War Kayaking: ok.. ppl were a bit creative after war driving :P
Fuel cell firm’s neat solution for batteries: the quest for longer battery life…
FCC Spills the Beans on the iPAQ rx3000 Series: new ipaqs.. mite considering getting 1. have an ‘urge’ just 2 try windows mobile 2003
Company creates Wi-Fi-blocking “wallpaper”: if ppl actually use this how r we supposed 2 war drive?!?!?! or war kayak? :P

guess thats it 4 now… to quake!!! :P


3 thoughts on “been a while it seems since i’ve posted…

  1. well, can still communicate online.. via video conferencin etc etc :P technology is advance enough that the miles doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. – Eriol

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