life shows its ugly face 2 me again….. after it gives me something 2 be happy abt….

** Updated at 13:16:45 on 2004/06/26 **
** Updated at 8:05:17 on 2004/06/26 **
get a call this morn and found my replacement zire71 is here in pgp.
brought the old 1 back due to a funny screen that sensed pressure at 1 pt on the screen even tho i didnt touch it…

then now as i was goin to do a website 4 my fren i realised it deleted another website for another fren’s business….
must have accidentally moved it 2 the external HD that was giving me problems so i formated it….
sucks.. luckily i uploaded the site to a server b4 so not ALL is lost but the ‘hardest’ and most time consuming part was lost… sucks heck….
life doesnt come easy….
and life’s nvr easy on me…..
go get apple and back 2 work 2 rectify the problem…..

1 more thing… to top it all off, the haze is back.. cant really c it but can surely smell it…
life mocks me again and again. when will it stop?

and yet ANOTHER thing…. went down 2 put laundry in dryer, left it there after putting it in the wash at abt lunch time. go there. find clothes still damp!!!! freaking heck.. one of those days….
so they r spinning now.. prolly put them in the dryer when i go shower later and let them stay there overnight. cant be bother.. !*($!*($!*($!&*($! life…


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