ok… somethings ‘wrong’ my my pcmcia card and/or usb2.0 external HD :”(:”( or just my comp =p

looks like everytime i plug my external HD (2.5″) in2 the usb2.0 slot of my usb2.0 and firewire pcmcia card, my comp either gives me the BSOD or hangs… sigh… try ‘debug’ the problem later…
need 2 work now…

and i was bloggin twice b4 the problems occured. luckily got 2 save the last blog which is below… sigh.. then debug.. heck debug during work (just work stuff not my stuff :P)

i was blogging then i connected my external HD 2 my laptop then what do i c?
BSOD (blue screen of death)!!!!!!!!
so not rebooted and back up.. where was i??
hiptop II great device
Microsoft patents current body: using the human body (well the patent is not exclusive 4 human body alone) as a battery. remind u of the Matrix? :P
Ten times the battery life?: heck yea!!! we all want that!!

i think there was 1 more link i wanted 2 put but i cant find it now.

oh wait. b4 i post this, better check my Opera daily news feed :P
hmmmm good thing i did :p

Hotmail to offer 250MB of free storage: m$ feeling the heat from google with their 1gb gmail and yahoo with their 100mb free mail account
Oracle, Red Hat set up Linux center in Singapore: good news 4 singapore as well as linux users. that reminds me. i need 2 try get linux on the new desktop and play arnd w/ it b4 the comp goes home :(


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