its the 28th.

** Updated at 11:25:26 on 2004/06/29 **
** Updated at 14:49:00 on 2004/06/28 **
what does that mean? it means is MOVING DAY!!!! :D:D
well.. after 3 trips so far its more like, “its moving day……….”
3 trips already and i believe i cant make it in 4 trips like the last time around. but then again thats reasonable as it can an extra computer now and also my stuff that i dumped with my bro the last time around before i moved and also a bit of my bro’s stuff :P
a little rest after 3 rounds and hopefully my new room will dry by then.
i washed it in after round 2 =p
in round 3 there was a cleaning crew in my old/new cluster (the cluster im moving to) and one guy asked me whats with all the water seeping out of my room :P
told him it was me cleaning because he thought it was someone who forgot to switch off the tap :P
ok.. rest a bit more then round 4 and 5 (and 6 if need be but hopefully not :P)

been a long day… wanted to get new mobile phone due to old screen dying :P
before going out contemplated on which subscriber whether I should stay with M1 or hop over to Singtel. kind of decided to go Singtel. but still not too sure… 1st of all the annoyance of changing subscribers and my phone number. then cost came in. I feel im paying too much for my current plan which is $32.50 without caller ID which is another $5. the good thing about this plan is I have never exceeded the quota given to me $45 worth of calls and SMS. extra costs will come in throught global SMSes back home and overseas calls which I cant do yet, need activation. But as of August I will get $30 base fee due to customer loyalty thingy. but still the $5 caller ID which I actually think i dont really need, so might dump that away.
then the Singtel plan is $29 base charge. 200min worth of talktime and 360 SMSes a month. I’m not sure if I can keep within the quota and if i dont, Singtel’s per minute billing is overall more expensive than M1’s. Also M1 can call back home to Brunei at 1/2 the price if I get IDD calling activated!!! 1/2 the price man!!! but Singtel gives me caller ID….. then the bit about getting a NEW phone comes in… adds more complication into the matter as you get a very good deal if you get a 2 years contract new line. much more explaining and typing i need to do which im lazy to type :P
basically lots of thinking, and not a real decision made, but was going for singtel. so out i went.
on the bus what did i remember. i FORGOT MY PASSPORT!!!!!! i took it out to do some registration on the M1 website….. i guess they dont want me to hop over do they? :P
but maybe thats a good thing. actually the M1 plan I have is pretty good and they dont offer it anymore. but still the new handset bit comes into the picture now. I still need a new handset. my screen on my current phone is dying. went out and looked around. luckily (maybe) i saw a bluetooth adaptor for nokia phones. and since i dont really want a phone with a camera (was looking at Sony Ericsson T610) i can get a ‘normal’ phone with java and just add the bluetooth adaptor.
so more looking through phones tonight and tomorrow so i might stick with M1 afterall :P all because of M1 and having to register my passport expiry date and me taking out my passport and forgetting it :P


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