10 days left of internship

‘officially’ that is. been coding throughout the day today. and actually change alot of the underlying code to make it easier for user to input questions.
still a few more little features I would like to add to question management currently. Still have yet to implement a Java applet out of Jex though its possible. however if i implement it there will be alot more parsing to do :|:|
anyway with just a few minor bits of coding left for the system it feels good :D:D
then the drudgery of inputting solutions to the questions that i have already dumped in the database. thats will be boring… :(
not going to bro’s graduation now since he told me he gave his other ticket to his friend. not that i really mind especially since i do have 2 more years left :P
and also might be better as IES Orientation mail run will be commencing next week. basically its fold letters, put them in an envelope and the seal the envelope then bring the envelopes to OSA (office of student affairs) and stick a label on it. possibly more boring than inputting solutions? i think so. its the same old thing to do again and again. however routine is good because its kind of mindless so you dont have to really think to much. inputting solutions you have to following each step by step then debug and test to make sure it works ok.
1 month of holidays left and I kind of feel like I wasted it. havent really done anything much for myself this holidays… sigh…
wanted to retouch stuff on the site didnt get around to doing it.
wanted to learn Java GUI, did a bit at the beginning of the holidays before internship started but it twiddled away.
wanted to learn XML. havent even read anything about it.
and with 1 month left of the holidays I still have to finish up 3 more websites (NOT including mine) and more IES stuff….
IES becoming kind of a drag… its kind of annoying being ‘tech savvy’ people and thus end up doing the computer work. Im not saying I dislike doing computer work. Im not in Computer Engineering for nothing, but there are just some things that I dont really want to do like the slide show…..
then I have to convert a bit of it to flash for the website… sigh…. life… so much work. so little time left to play and enjoy.
worse of all my dearest Chee’s back home… :(
noone to talk to on a regular basis to vent my frustrations to and to enjoy some time with…. just hopefully next Monday the 12th of July I’ll be flying back with mom to go back home, internship ‘done’, IES stuff done so I can relax and possible do my own work!!!!!!!
ok.. think i should hit the hay soon. trying to see supervisor tomorrow mornin


3 thoughts on “10 days left of internship

  1. C++ is even more fun :P
    dont really ‘like’ flash and all those multimedia stuff.
    prefer text :P and monospaced text like u should c now :P haha
    she should be reading it now and then. but im not goin 2 force her 2 read rite? :P what kind of a bf would i be if i did? :P a vain 1? :P

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