its that time again

** Updated at 11:56:59 on 2004/07/04 **
what time you may ask. patching time by M$ :P Microsoft posts work-around for IE flaw
Microsoft half fixes serious IE vuln
the vulnerability even led to this CERT recommends anything but IE. hehehe
my recommendation would be Opera and Mozilla/Firefox
Opera | Mozilla | FireFox
just kind of sad to say that Opera is more of a geek browser i think just like this forum thread mentions

Something to worry about for most web users: Multiple Browsers Frame Injection Vulnerability
though it doesnt seem to affect Opera even though it says it is affected *shrug* go figure

its anothor one of those mobile phone stories. Phone battery flames injure teen. aside from this there is the one about phones being the cause of explosions at gas stations and also the ever worrying dangerous radiation from phones that are linked to cancer and sterility

ok better go soon. want to meet supervisor.


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