what a day was yesterday

before going into the details of yesterday let me start on a lighter note and give a few interesting links and stuff 1st..

forgot your password and all you have is your md5 hash? well then MD5 Online Cracking is here for you
or maybe its for people in this School that teaches ‘ethical hacking’
i want to go there…. some one sponsor me US$4000 :D:D ;-)

Could Your Voice Betray You?: something about the polygraph test
1 computer 4 users!!!!! running on Linux. however i think for me its the other way around: 4 pcs 1 user :P. i think i better learn to tweak and maintain my computer properly.

yesterday wanted to see internship supervisor. so off i went to engin faculty. wanted to set up my comp first before seeing supervisor so got a bench and started to boot up my comp. everything looked fine. then i tried to open stuff. Opera and taskmanager because i know my Opera starts up slowly. so i waited. and waited. and waiting…. so i tried to see how much free space i had left. open up My Computer (which is renamed to TheWeed’s Domain :P) and see i have 300MB+ of free space!!%$!&^%$^&!%$^&! i was like “WHAT THE HECK!&$*!&^$^!&*$!” i had FreeRAM XP running it says i still have 200MB+ of RAM FREE!!!! and when i checked earlier that day I had roughly 1gig of free space left. so whats with all the virtual RAM being used!*!&$^!!!! ok either the comp was slowed down sooooo much that it didnt refresh or something wrong with my other 256MB RAM that I got the other time, like maybe its not registering properly. but it shloud be as its detected by the BIOS. *shrug* so finally after 20min+ of waiting and fiddling around with this and that. taskmanager and Opera FINALLY open. ok Opera is slow at startup due to mail and cache and also due to the little amount of hard disk space available but for taskmanager to take so long to open!?!?!!? i mean what the heck?!?! it should be up and open quickly. its a part of the freaking operating system. i opened up separate windows within that 20min and taskmanager still wasnt up yet?!?!?! COME ON!!!!!

so when i FINALLY got everything up and running went to find my supervisor who wasnt in… just great… so all i have for that was more m$ cursing….

so back in room after that i was giving AutoPatcher a try. its supposedly has all of windows patches and updates EXCLUDING SP1. but you can download that separately from m$ so not too much of a biggie to me. its supposed to detect the current patchs and updates installed on the system. however it didnt on mine…. so it took like 3hrs installing patches and what not to my computer. so my computer was rendered ‘useless’. not to mention i didnt have a net connection due to the fact that my bro was using the desktop.
but after bro left i wanted to do some work. tried to retrieve a file from the IES computer. took like 30min to transfer the 180MB+ file. and find out its the WRONG file… want the heck.. life just has it in 4 me doesnt it?
so ended up the whole day was more or less ‘wasted’ with little work done…
i want to get the work over and done with so i can go back on the 12th without anything left that i need to do.
worked till midnight then played till 3am in the morn. and was up at abt 10+ this morning so roughly 7hrs of sleep… and its practically lunch time now. go get some lunch then sit my butt in front of this comp and start work… sigh…


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