tried 2 sleep early

but i tink life has other plans 4 me.
2 many things running through my head. well at least i can try 2 get rid of some by finishing off some of my work.
ies slide show
ies website
ies mail run on fri mornin

work work work..
mom coming on thurs. planned 2 finish everything by thurs so that could possibly relax and go about w/ mum. looks like its not gonna happen :”(
hey.. i just found a low ping quake 3 server. lemme go try :p
if it wont work 2 ies slideshow i go :P


3 thoughts on “tried 2 sleep early

  1. out of 6 ppl only 1 agrees its quite obvious, and that guy actually fences :P
    but to me it looks sooooo nice!!!! :P:P ok maybe im biased since i made it but still :P

  2. ermm … to me it looks like someone hanging onto a rod in gymnastics …
    Nvm. the first 2 look good anyway ;)

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