been a tiring day

had IES Orientation dry run. played a few games and stuff.
in the morn was changing module plan and stuff. and still a bit ‘stuck’ on what to take next sem.
still thinkin on what to take this sem.
ok im still not sure how to call the coming semester. this / next sem. its hasnt started yet so i tend to call it next sem but module bidding has started and stuff thus i refer to it has this sem.
so to all out there if you hear me say ‘this’ / ‘next’ sem it means Year 3 semester 1.
im in year 3 already :|:|:|
2 years gone and 2 more to go.
but good news about modules is that i have 2 free days with 6 modules now. but then everyday will be like 9-7 or 9-5 :|
let me think.
im sure all the things i’ve said are all jumbled up but im to tired to think properly and arrange them nicely. at least the stuff is here right? :P


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