what can i say. its been a bad few days

** Updated at 16:41:13 on 2004/07/27 **
mainly started off w/ the wrong cable for my phone. The guy at the shop told me it was the cable for my phone. But nooooooooo, life just decides to mock me once again….. Doesnt work and when I tried to return it the guy said he cant give me a cash refund but i can chagne it for any other goods and pay the difference if there is any….. And also that the cable i actually need is $115 not the $38 i paid for the other cable. No way am I spending so much on a freaking cable. Phones and phone accesorries are freaking overpriced these days. Went to the shop yesterday the guy was not their and his ever so ‘helpful’ colleague was so ‘kind’ to say something along the lines of “you didn’t deal with me so its not my business”. There was no “Sorry sir, but you will have to take the matter up with my colleague as I did not handle this transaction”. Heck there wasn’t even a “sorry” anywhere.
Still stuck with a $38 refund with nothing to spend it on except goods in the shop like another mobile phone / some mobile phone accessories / digital cameras / other little things that I dont NEED let alone want. All I wanted was a freaking cable that works with my phone for $38 and what do I get? In 1 word “screwed” / “conned” / “swindled”. But “screwed” says it the best way I think.
When life comes to things like this, life just bascially sucks. Life’s not good to me.
Not only that came back from a day out to find my laptop infected with 3 viruses/backdoor trojans or what not. Managed to get rid of 1 but the other 2 are there and not getting removed. 1 of them might be an ‘error’ due to the anti-virus giving a false alarm the other 1 I just deleted as it was a MyDoom variant or something but I dont know why it couldnt be removed so I just deleted the file and hope for the best.
And I come to realise that anti-virus software sites and pretty badly designed because I cant find an easy link to search the virus database. It just plan sucks.
Life sucks. For today only I hope.
On a brighter note Marks & Spencers selling 2 chocolate chip cookies packet for the price of 1 due to expiry date coming round the corner.
But still. Life sucks.

Forgot to mention, my aircon decides to kick a fuss as well. Need to find the management tomorrow morning. When things go wrong, be wary as more things will go wrong. Murphy how I hate your law….


2 thoughts on “what can i say. its been a bad few days

  1. 4 passes is really little… :( i hate the waiting part… as for impolite ppl, there’re tons… haa.. but i can’t be bothered wif them…. :X
    FNA’s bid went reallie high.. i was surprised it overshot my econs :X keke.. guess i’ll hafta retain power for a couple of sems before i get that mod.. – Eriol

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