yesterday been a long and tiring day

** Updated at 6:09:05 on 2004/07/30 **
matriculation fair for IES booth was held yesterday as all engineering students were matriculating yesterday. Initially I was in the 1st 2 shifts from 730-1230 but ended up switching to the last 2 as Candy couldnt make it for the last shift. So duty being from 1230-1730.
Went to clubroom at about 1210, just in time for the briefing that was supposed to be there. But then we just ‘quickly’ rushed to the MPSH where the matriculation fair was being held together with my laptop and goodie bags :S:| So many goodie bags and stuff.
Get to the MPSH and have to wait for people to come out as each booth is assigned only 4 passes, no more no less. So wait wait and wait. Finally got in and set up laptop to replace Gordon’s laptop and start actual work. After a while my voice got a bit hoarse due to too much talking :S:S
Very tired asking people whether they are interested in joining IES as a member as well as promoting the club. The worse part I hate is when the people you approach are just plain rude. I remember there was this 1 guy in particular who answered very curtly “No” after I asked him whether he was interested in joining IES. Just very put off by that freaking guy. Everyone else was courteous at least. Why can’t you do the same? Idiot guy.
Anyway had to push the people to sign up for Freshman Welcome Day that will be held tomorrow at 930-1730 I think or something like that. At least I wont be running around with the freshman as I’m a station master :P hehe But I have to take care of the prizes supposedly :P

Now let me mention about my module bidding. Currently I’m the ONLY person to bid for CS2106 Operating Systems as you can see from the pic below
bidding table
And also notice the insanely high bid for FNA1002E Financial Accounting which is actually more than my current points of 1435. So there goes Accounting for this round. I’ll probably just wait for a later round. Worse comes to worse I dont get the module I’ll still have 5 modules including the heavy EE2001 project and OS as an S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) option :P
Still thinking of taking 6 but the 6th module I want to be pretty ‘light’ as I dont want to over burden myself at the same time I don’t want to ‘waste’ my S/U option in the coming semester :P

I guess thats all for now… Enjoy today as tomorrow will be another long and tiring day…


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