Its going to be a busy slacking week

Somehow I’ve got involved with ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) orientation. Well a more acccurate picture would be I was dragged in by a junior from my CPE(Computer Engineering) orientation group last year, me being the leader.
So I guess this week I that I planned to use to catch up on work outstanding won’t be so successfully used :( I am still continuing the internship I was doing unofficially just to get the system complete in my view.
I all the ‘haste’ of finishing up the internship system I completely forgot Doom3 was in Singapore yesterday!!! Saw it in the shop just now after dinner with the ECE orientation organisers. Selling for S$68 :S:S Well at least its not as expensive as Max Payne 2 when it first came out and was selling for $80!!!!! The thing I hate about most games now are (1)Overpriced. Totally
(2)They dont run on my system because the requirements are too high. Ok maybe not the problem that it doesnt run on my system because its a laptop but so many games nowadays require so much as a minimum requirement. I think to me games should all run ok on a system with 32MB video RAM, 128RAM and whatever processor :p. Ok mainly the thing I hate most is I see a lot of game requiring at LEAST 64MB of video RAM!!!! I dont ask for good graphics just give me solid game play and good replay value and I’m set.
I hear my watch ring indicating its midnight :|:|
I really have to kill this habit of staying up late. But then thats the only time I can do work when I come back after everything… sigh… Orientation untill Friday. Sunday out with friends because 2 of them decide to go Denmark for SEP :P Monday public holiday due to Singapore’s National Day (at least I think it is) and Tuesday school starts. Thank goodness Wednesday is still my free day haha
Speaking of school I still dont know if I have got my EE3001 module that I hope I did else I will be doing that project as well as EE2001 project which is supposedly very tough BOTH next semester :|:|:|
Eyelids feel heavy… I need to sleep soon.
Here’s to the new semester and hopefully EARLY nights even though I doubt so as I hope to have 6 modules and a 4 day week finishing most classes in the evening :(
New semester starts more stuff to do. More games to play :P:P


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