Class in a few hours

** Updated at 8:16:59 on 2004/08/09 **
Yup. It’s still week 0 (orientation week) but I have a 3hr lecture coming right up. Warcraft 3 tournament going on at Jurong East today. Friends match at 1545. Probably will drop by and see how things are. CRAP!!! I forgot I still need to print out notes for the lecture later :P
Better go now. Luckily I typed the following links 1st :P
Image flaw pierces PC security – This is scary as it affects not only the 3 major web broswers (Opera, Mozilla (I consider Firefox to be Mozilla so :P), IE) but ANY program that uses the PNG open source format :S
Disney making computers? I like the ears as the speakers though :P

Windows XP SP 2 is out!!!!: but not for end users… :P At least its making some headway after several delays.
1st trojan for Windows CE: Scary stuff. Is nothing safe from viruses/trojans and the like? :”( Next thing, spyware on PDAs :S:S:S
2TB memory card!!!! I want!!!!! 120MBps data transfer!!! I/O support!!!! MMC size and compatible with MMC slots!!! Man this seems like the holy grail in memory cards
Snipe-hack bluetooth enable phones :p


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