Last day of 1st week of school

Lecture in 2hrs. Been kind of a boring week as most lectures are just introductions to the course all the formalities of the details of exams, labs, tutorials and such.
Nothing much to say I guess. Spent most of the time in lecture doing my other work commitments :P And playing of course :P

One annoying thing that has bugged me since yesterday. I restarted my laptop and then Windows says that a new device has been detected on my PS/2 port. The thing is nothing is connected to my PS/2 port. Out of curiousity I just let Windows install the proper drivers and find out it detects a mouse… The ‘mouse’ it detects is actually the TrackPoint. Yes thats the official name I think. It’s the pointing device you see on all IBM notebooks (I could be wrong though), you know that ‘red dot’ in the middle of the keyboard that you use as a joystick in a way to move your mouse. Also called the “little red dot” or “nipple” (I think, or maybe thats a term that some how just appeared :P). But in my case its blue :P Anyway I have to extra buttons for my TrackPoint that are usually configured for scroll up and scroll down. However due to driver installation Windows thinks its a 3 button mouse…. My scrolls dont work anymore and it annoys me. I uninstalled the driver and restarted but its still there. I’ll try uninstall it again later before I shut down comp to go lecture. I hate you Microsoft.. but dont we all know that already? :P

A few links for those bored people like me :P
iPod vs. The Cassette – the name speaks for itself
Summer’s Pop Music Meltdown – kind of disturbing but true
SEC to examine Playboy for boobs – I just like the title they picked :P
Turn Real Life Into A Cartoon – I have to admit it seems so cool (even though its from M$ :P
Windows XP SP2 Impressions – apparently problems with outbound TCP/IP connections. Good thing I didnt instal yet as I didnt have the 2GB free space that it recommends being free before installation :P
Dell Inspiron XPS (Extreme Edition) – I have found the laptop that I want :D Well mainly because of the graphics card :P Found it while looking for TrackPoint


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