IES interviewing for next committee

Its been a tiring few days. IES old book sale and IES interviewing for the next main committee. It was the worse yesterday. 10-2 lecture, 2-4 book sale duty, 4 onwards interviewing.
Dang tiring. Had more today that more or less ‘killed’ my free Wednesday :(
Printing at school is pretty dismall nowadays. Its freaking slow and the queues dont help matters. Sigh.. At least the spot at E2 is still ok :) And now I have a new print service for the same charge and its only a few doors away :D Thank Wein!! :D

Interviewing not to bad. Not as tiring as yesterday. But now I need to start working for school. Lab tomorrow from 6-9 PM!!!! :'(
2-3 tutorial, 3-5 lecture, 5 onwards meeting supervisor for 1 module, 6-9 lab :S
SWAN programming
Going to be a loooooooong day tomorrow. Back to ‘studying’

Hello Kitty is 30 years old??!?!?! Heard on the TV for the news preview. I guess I’ll find out at 930pm just before The Amazing Race

Okay back to work while watching tv :P


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