I just wonder who comes here and actually reads :P
I think the confirmed headcount is 2 :p Including me.
Well it was IES AGM today. Elected as IT head :P so I’m no longer the IT Assistant’s Head as I would put it :P

Tiring day but had a nice dinner with the 16th IES Exco. Its been an enjoyable year w/ the 16th Exco hopefully the 17th Exco will be just as fun :D


3 thoughts on “Hmmmmm

  1. hehee.. congrats.. as for the head count thingy, i dunno if u counted me in.. haha.. i’m a slow reader :X -Eriol
    oh ya, i’m well again. thanks :)

  2. Hey! I come in here occasionally!! Didn’t count me in one!!! eiiiiiiiiiiiii =P

    -Guess who?? Hehe!-

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