Laptop screen flickering =|

Could be good could be bad. Bad in the sense I’ll have to send my laptop in for repair or something and be left without a computer which I CANNOT afford to do right now especially with all the projects.. :S:S

Good news. I could possibly just get a desktop to replace my screen dying laptop? :P :D:D yay!!!!!! Maybe.
Software engineering project, how to do without a computer? Simple. You CANT :P
Computer Networks simulations. How to do without a computer? You CANT
EE3001 research. No computer no research.

Heck yes I could use the school computers but how effective would that be, I dont have all my programs and info on the school computers so how the heck am I supposed to save everything.
And not to mention my downloads and stuff. Just downloaded Yoper iso the other day. 700MB. And school computers don’t CD writers at least I dont think.
Anyway I should stop typing and go back to projects :'( AND tutorials for tomorrow.
Life is ‘bad’. Thank goodness for the recess next week where I will probably still have 1 lecture and another lecture NEXT Saturday due to it being canceled for Engin day. I don’t want an engin day… especially if I have to have a make up lecture for probably the worst module I’ve taken in the sense that the workload does NOT justify the 3MC rating that it has…. !*^!&*$^!&*^$&*!
Ok enough typing and back to projects. Really…


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