It’s been done

‘Finished’ the report for the meeting later at 10 :S
Get up at 830 so I have 5 hours sleep :'(:”(:”(
Meeting in the morning and IES duty in the afternoon :|
IES Cup 2004 kicking off (no pun intending but what do you expect? :p) in a few hours.
Wonder what I shall do for the rest of my day.
Which project to do :(

2) Socket Programming in Java
3) Socket Programming in Linux
4) Software Engineering project
5) Engineering Professionalism
6) EE3001, the report which I just finished for the meeting
7) Database project
Please note that the 1st 3 projects are all due to 1 lousy 3MC module EE3204 Computer Networks I. Ok they are not full fledged projects but still. They dont teach you anything much and they expect you to do so much. SWAN had a 148 page manual that you would have to more or less read to understand whats going on.
Ok enough complaining I need to shower then get some z’s
zuzuzuzu…. zuzuzuzu….


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