Busy :(

Too many projects too little time
Too much work too few hands and brains (doesn’t help if you have lousy team mates)…. grrrrrrr
Hate those people
I have class in 8hrs. I have a test to study for on Wednesday EVENING!!!!!
I should study. Now. At 2AM in the FREAKING MORNING!!!!!
How I hate life and also the fact that people dont use proper FORMATING when doing projects making creating a ‘Table of Contents’ a LIVING HELL.
On a good side, I think I have almost mastered M$ Word’s page numbering. Aside from NOT showing the page numbers in 1 section and showing it in another. If anybody from Microsoft is reading this, THAT is what needs improving in the next version of Microsoft Office. Getting page numbers correct (showing the correct page number, starting at the correct page number and showing the page number itself) is a pain in the !*(^$&!*%$&^!*%$&*!^$*!^!!!!!!
I better study now. Though I think i cant study due to too many projects. I can do projects but I cant study. Not well at least.
Looking forward to holidays… Looking forward to holidays ALOT… The first time in a loooooong time. Heck I dont know when the last time I really wanted the holidays to come. I was enjoying my Uni days. Now this semester is just plain !$!$&*^!&*$^*!(&$*(!&$!!!!!
Ok study on my bed at 208 on a Tuesday morning. Like I said. Life sucks or did I forget to mention that?


5 thoughts on “Busy :(

  1. MS Word’s page numbering works fine; it’s just that people don’t know how to use it properly :P


  2. MS Word Page numbering is the crappiest ever. Try to number the 1st 10 pages with i ii iii…. And the next 10 pages with 1 2 3… And the last 10 pages as a b c….. If you dont pull out your hair…I’ll change my name..

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