Test OVER!!!!
Presentation LATER!!!!
Redid a bit of the project AGAIN!!!!
Starting to feel like thats the cycle. ‘Finish’ project, reread, find mistake, redo, ‘finish’ project, reread, find mistake redo… :”(
So I should make a pact with myself. After I ‘finish’ a project, do NOT read the report again :P
The thing is… it DOES make the project better, but is it worth all the time? :”(:”(
And I wanted to relax tonight after the test. I can start relaxing NOW.. :P
I should sleep soon though. EE2010 System & Controls tutorial at 12 then lecture at 3-5. Then presentation to professor at 5. I’m supposed to talk for 7 minutes. Thats the target time. Just timed myself. Cut from 10+ minutes yesterday to 9 minutes and now to 8. I need 1 LESS minute!!!!! Where to lose it? :P
Ok to play I go!!!
After I finish brushing my teeth. Started before this blog. Tootbrush still in mouth :P


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