Im popular? =p

Just got this in my mail

Dear Sheng Hwee Lim,

During the last 30 days, your website on Tripod
( achieved 332 pages impressions.
This makes your site one of the most popular of the Tripod community in
United Kingdom.

If you want to increase your page impressions even more take a look at
the following tips that have been compiled for you by the Lycos Tripod

We hope you find this information useful and good luck making your
website even more popular!

Best regards,
The Lycos Tripod Team.

Wonder who’s reading :P
Just FYI the URL above is the ‘exact’ URL of my site. The is just a redirection. That I will probably keep because if I change host that will still stay the same. I want to move to a certain extent, but I’m lazy. :P

Anyway thanks to all that have been visiting and reading :D
And if you are please leave a comment or something. Just wonder who visits this place. Especially people I dont know but know this site. Just wonder who you all got it :P

Or maybe the site got so many hits because people were looking for ‘weed’? :P:P

HL2 World Wide Release: HL2 going to be release at the SAME TIME EVERYWHERE!!!! :D:D:D
It will be 4pm 16th Novemeber here in Singapore :D:D
17th November TAR 6 premiere on TV :P
18th November project report due for Software Engineering
19th November 1st exam, Engineering professionalism
So it’ll be ‘great’ few days :p

Test later at 6pm :”( Don’t want to go :P
I should get goin soon. Lunch before lecture. Then who knows, slack / study before test :P


8 thoughts on “Im popular? =p

  1. Nooooo….not more weed….I am sick of weed… neighbour smokes almost everyday…..I wanna puke…

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