I feel so free

Demo done. Report still left. But feel like a ‘void’. Its like I have nothing to do, but heck sure I know I have loads of studying to do for exams, but it just doesnt seem appealing to me right now. With happiness there comes a void?!?!?! :S:S Happy that everything is practically done :D Sadness with exams coming up :|:'( And ‘void’ now. What do I do? I’ve been busy with projects the whole semester and now when projects are ‘done’ I have nothing to do. Hmmmm what to do what to do. I guess ‘stone’ here :P
Its been fun coding and modifying stuff for IES Game Servers :D:D So fun. Much more fun that most school work. Applicable real life situations. You are given some code, now modify it for your needs :D Maybe I’ll do more of that but it seems all done… Who knows? Just laze around I guess. For a while. Or longer :P


8 thoughts on “I feel so free

  1. I wonder is there still any War3 servers running in NUS?

    Damn the connection. I can’t get on to Bnet.

    Have been resulting to Poker lately. :(

  2. We are thinking of using PVPGN but just worried about the implications of the Blizzard v. bnetd which leds to the 1st point in Battle.net’s faq. Currently no action has been taken agaisnt pvpgn but I guess it will be imminent. Though I’ll prolly try it out some time soon with ‘holidays’ now :P

    Lousy NUS connection again. Blocking the ports or what now. Can’t play Bnet cant play CS outside NUS. Heck now cant even play on servers at NTU.

  3. Why are you concern with the Bnet policy?

    Just download it and run the server. You’re running the server internally. Don’t connect to the PvPGN network. Anyway, there’s no use that you connect to the main PvPGN network as the connection is still very slow if you connect to servers outside of NUS.

    Just run it internally. Although there will be very few people playing, but then we can start organising weekly tourneys, it’ll attract more people over time.

    – uzyn.com

  4. Because I’ll be running it and I dont’ want any legal issues. The only way I can save myself will probably put a disclaimer. Those playing on this server MUST have an authentic game and are only using this server as a means to replace Battle.net due to the fact that Battle.net is unplayable. Hey now that I’ve said that, it does sound good :P Because that should follow the concept of fair use :D Thought maybe I should get a lawyer to access it. Ming if you are reading this, ask Che Che :P

  5. NUS Battle.net up and running at IP csalpha.no-ip.org haha. Using the same IP redirect as for my CS server. Now I’m wondering if I should keep my CS server running while the PvPGN Server is running :P

    Follow these instructions and it should work.

    Note: PvPGN Server is newly installed and I dont really know what its doing so it may crash :p

  6. Wow! Great. The Weed (Damn, it rhymes with The Cheat), I think we should organise a weekly tournament thing starting next semester? How about that?

    – uzyn.com

  7. The CHEAT!!!! hehehe
    Actually was trying to start that this sem, but I was overwhelmed with projects =( I dont think next sem will be much different =| But will try my best 2 get it goin =)
    Next sem we have the bazaar coming up as well where we’ll have the Network Games again =D
    If everything goes well I’m thinking of trying to set up a gaming club, who knows if OSA will approve tho :P


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