Starting to hate NUS network more and more….

** Updated at 11:04:46 on 2004/11/11 **
Somethings up with the Steam Update. Was trying to get Counter-Strike 1.5 for Steam working last night. The update was taking so long I just left it running overnight. So when I got up in the morning I try start the server. Server working, then tried logging into Steam. Wasn’t working. Several times but still not working. I thought Steam was down but no reports on CS-Nation or on Steam Network Status. So I thought the update for the CS 1.5 for Steam update screwed up my Steam installation so I backed up my Steam files, uninstalled Steam and reinstalled it.

After reinstallation I start up my Steam client and its updating files as it should. Initially it wouldnt update at all!!! Stuck at 0%. Then I just let it run then after about 20 minutes it showed 1%!!!!!!! My friend said he just started and it was up to 30% already. So I closed Steam and reopened it. Got 1% in like 1 minute now :P So I thought it was okay, so I left it to update while I go and study. However its been updating since about 1300 and its been stuck at 45%!!!! My friend’s is stuck at 82%!!! Im pretty sure its cant be anything wrong with the Steam as the Network Status shows that there are people playing so I can’t be down. The only thing I have left to blame is NUS!!!!! X-(X-(

Take away our freedom to play or CS (on Steam even on Singapore servers). With WCG to be held in Singapore next year, you would think they would promote gaming. Maybe should go to WCG 2005 and have a boycott. “Singapore hosts WCG 2005 but doesn’t let University students develop or nuture their talent.” I’ve heard the situation in NTU is pretty bad as well. If they say students shouldn’t be playing games because it distracts them from studies, then they shouldn’t be watching TV either so they should take away NUSCAST because student’s could be watching to much TV. I’ve written to the computer centre about the matter and I never got a reply. Maybe should bring the issue up to NUSSU :P If NUS does not want students to play I just want a justifiable explanation. Is that so hard? I don’t think so. I just want to play. Is that wrong? I doubt so. So LET ME PLAY!!!! grrrrrr

For those who want to play CS1.6 without steam click here. Nice page design though hehe


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