After over an hour of reading….

** Updated at 7:34:54 on 2004/11/13 **
25 pages of The Final Hours of Half-Life 2 I want to play the game even MORE!!!!!! Release date is 16th November. 3 days before my FIRST EXAM!!! :”(:”(
Its a very good read into what happend at Valve and the stories leading up to possibly the best game of all time!!! MUAHAHAHA :P Okay maybe not exactly the best, but easily one of the most anticipated. With Counter-Strike Source out already everybody wants a hold on Half-Life 2 including me. I haven’t bought Source or Half-Life 2 as of yet but will probably buy it after exams. Just hope my computer can play it, if not hope I have sombody’s computer to play it on :D
Ok now that I’ve ‘wasted’ my morning reading that article and not studying, I should grab my lunch before starting work. Monk on at 1400 on Channel I :P
Warezed SoundForge Files In Windows Media Player: What is Microsoft up to now….


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