Right now there are 14 people in my CS Server

** Updated at 7:17:28 on 2004/11/14 **
See for yourself :P Now I’m just afraid do to almost anything on my comp now else people will complain that the server is laggy hehe. Good thing about that is… make more study more hehe I can set up a Quake 3 server as well actually :D Tried it yesterday does work but it kills that ‘Alt-Tab’ feature for Windows. Something I ‘need’….

Also its not very wise to host 3 servers on your comp hehe. Currently I have 2. CS server as well as ‘Battle.net’ using PvPGN. Been messing around with the PvPGN stats pages. Its a ‘nightmare’ trying to skin it =|. Got most of it done and all thats left is showing a server status page when loading instead of the default rankings. Its pretty hard to do though due to the way the author wrote the source. I need all the power of Regular Expression only to find out that ConTEXT the text editor that I’m using doesnt really support what I want, or at least I can’t find the syntax even after looking at the manual as well as trying a few things out :”( But all in all ConTEXT is a nice piece of work :)

Anyway back to studying…


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