The Internet is a dangerous place….

** Updated at 15:38:56 on 2004/11/23 **
MUST read for everyone using the Internet, especially those using IE
Major WWW server exploit by hackers
News: Major Exploit Underway…
Who Profits from Security Holes?

More reason to switch browsers NOW!!!!
Opera: highly recommended :D Especially for people who want more from a browser (flexible customizing, mail client, irc client)
Firefox: recommended for those who just want to ditch IE. To simplistic for me, but I think will be easiet to adjust for regular users


4 thoughts on “The Internet is a dangerous place….

  1. Agree Microsoft should be doing some stuffs for their security holes

    But the fact that worldwide there are so many computers idiots will just make these exploits problem even worse..

    Tell you friend to use OPERA :P
    (aren’t u happy, sheng?)

  2. Its ‘adware’ but I don’t like calling it that because of the view most people get out of the word: its a software with ads :p I paid for it though so no ads :D
    It used to be shareware that could only be used for 30 days (version 1 onwards I think, I started with 3.21). Now you can use it just with Google Ads which can be seen here


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