Need to update everything these days…

Poison applet peril affects IE, Opera and Firefox
So update your Java SDK/RE here

More Exploding Cellphones In The News: Strange… Though I like the segment that the MythBusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage did on exploding cell phones in regards to gas stations as seen from the excerpt taken here.

Episode 2: Cell Phone Destruction, Silicone Breasts, CD-ROM Shattering
In this episode, Jamie and Adam test several explosive theories. Can chatting on a cell phone while pumping gas cause the pump to blow up? Our mythbusters put themselves at risk so you don’t have to. They also put silicone breast implants to the test at high altitude. Will they burst under pressure? Finally, we’ll learn once and for all if high-speed CD-ROM players can really shatter a compact disc.
For those who have Starhub cable (programeme guide here) like people on campus (via NUSCAST) its on Discovery Channel on Friday 8pm, Saturday 2am, Sunday 6pm, Monday 8am, 4pm

Thats it, better get back to studying :P
2 left. 1 tomorrow and last 1 on Monday EVENING!!!!!!


One thought on “Need to update everything these days…

  1. I didn’t quite agree with the way they carried out the Exploding Cellphone segment. The myth, as mentioned earlier in the segment, talks about the guy making a phone call at the gas station. The Mythbusters normally emulate a myth as closely as possible but this time they simulated a cellphone receiving a call. And the call wasn’t even answered.

    My favourite so far is the exploding toilet!

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