Whoa…. Check this out

Microsoft Replaces Your Pirated Windows, For Free: I bet 95%+ of home users in Brunei would fall under this… :P
Good, bad, ugly?
Good: Get a FREE copy of Windows
Bad: Get a copy of WINDOWS :P
Ugly: Microsoft gaining more of a monopoly :|:”(

Good: Its ‘good’ for the consumer knowing the fact that there are legitimate and pirated software (I’m sure there are people who don’t know, those people are like as long as it runs and I can use it, I’m happy). Depending on how the shop charges them for the computer, the consumer could indeed be getting a copy of Windows for FREE (now thats good stuff).
Well in the public’s view it could make Microsoft have a better standing: giving away free software to the ‘unfortunate’.
Ugly: People abusing this and shops get closed down, leaving none / little computer shops left. People complaining about increased cost of bundled computers because they now have to pay for the OS.

I shouldnt be doing things like this. FOCUS and work dagnamit!!!


5 thoughts on “Whoa…. Check this out

  1. Noooooooooo……. This is pure publicity I tell ya. Just because M$ is losing to Linux….. Down with M$….Linux rulez!!!

  2. The magic word is FREE… Bwahahaha, how do I get a copy (let’s see, /. says that each person can get 5 copies so one for the desktop, one for the other desktop, one for my laptop… ;)

  3. It’s for MS to trace the vendors who charge consumers for legitimate Windows price but pre-install pirated Windows on their PCs. Not for people who purchase the bootleg Windows CD from pasar malam.

    “Bad: Get a copy of WINDOWS :P
    Ugly: Microsoft gaining more of a monopoly :|:”(”

    I’m sick of people bashing Microsoft because they are Microsoft and because it is cool to bash Microsoft. Yes buggy, monopoly, blah blah blah. Try writing an OS that us used by more than 90% (I’m sure it’s more than 95%, including the pirated Windows) of the computers in the world that runs all the apps in the world smoothly without any problems.

    Gaining monopoly by giving free software? Anyone can do that. Isn’t that’s what Linux is doing?

    When Microsoft does something good, people just bash, as it’s fun to bash. It’s cool. When Bill and Melissa Gates donate for charity, people say: “You’ve stole so much from us. It’s time you give back to society.” When Bill and Mellissa Foundation became the world’s biggest charity organisation, people say it’s nothing, the money is probably less than 5% of Bill’s wealth.

    I’m not pro-Microsoft. But I’m anti-anti-Microsoft. I’m anti-people-bashing-Microsoft-for-no-apparent-reasons.

    Sorry for my harsh words. I’m just tired and my head is aching.

    Tata. Good luck in your exams.

    – uzyn.com

  4. Point taken. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I respect yours :)

    I dont like that fact that they abuse their monopoly as was ruled in the courts some years back and things like this. I dont mind a monopoly as long as it isnt abused.

    I dislike Windows for all the problems I’ve encountered such as associating file types. For some reason they dont associate properly. Looked online, tried 3rd party software still not working. When I change a setting and when I restart its back to the old setting. After formatting I was installing SP1 and something screwed up and needed to format again. SP2 problems I’m sure that have affected several people I know.

    However, with that said, I do admit that Microsoft and Windows have made an big mark in the computer industry, and we wouldnt be where we are today without them. But I think they could do better and without abusing their monopoly.

    Good luck for you exams too. Circuits tomorrow right? Shouldn’t be took hard, just lots of equations to solve :P


  5. Widnows plays my games. ’nuff said ;P

    I agree with uzyn. Windows/MS bashing for no other reason other than pure hate is pretty immature. I get really tired of reading the MS flame threads in so many online forums. I’ve used both Linux (Redhat) and Mac OS X and they aren’t without their problems, let me tell you that. Personally, I’ve never had any real problems with Windows.


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