Batteries not included

Wireless Optical Mouse without Batteries!!!! Nice innovation by A4Tech. I used to use mice by them, there were pretty good in my opinion. ‘Problem’ is you need to use it on the special mousepad that is connected via USB. So if you want to clear the clutter of wires, this is of no use. I need to get rid of wires around my laptop. Too many. Get twisted and tangled far too often. But I’m too cheap to buy a wireless bluetooth mouse. **Hint Hint** for those who didnt get me anything for my birthday yesterday :P, or for a possible christmas gift :P Logitech‘s MX900Logitech‘s MX900
Crap I should stop doing this. STUDY!!! FOCUS!!! Even though its on Monday STUDY!!! FOCUS!!! :P:P
*Hit myself on the forehead and goes to bed to study*


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