Stupid STUPID people

What do you do when you want to use the dryer and somebody else’s clothes are still in it? If you don’t mind taking them out of the dryer and putting it in the basket you would right? And what do you do with the basket? Well I’ll tell you one thing NOT to do when the basket is those kinds with holes in them. You DO NOT PUT THE FREAKING BASKET ON THE FLOOR WHICH IS FREAKING WET!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some people are just plain stupid. Went to get my laundry and found out its all freaking wet again. Stupid stupid STUPID !*$&!*(&$!*($&!*($ !*( $! PEOPLE!!!!!

And now updating Windows after formatting. Using AutoPacther to install the updates between SP1 and SP2. And then I realised doesn’t SP2 take care of that? Stupid me as usual. Says 90min left… sigh…. Monk on at 1400 on Channel I. Currently I can surf without VPN and I’m not on the domain. \dc2
etlogonurt.bat did the trick. If thats the case maybe I won’t join the domain anymore if there’s no need to.

Anyway back to studying I guess. Hopefully no virus infections and no screw ups during updating.


2 thoughts on “Stupid STUPID people

  1. Is thr urt.bat some batch file run by NUSNET everytime you join the domain?

    The shared folder is down. Any instructions on how to do the trick you mention?



  2. \dc2 is not up.

    I found \dc22 though and I ran the script on my XP Home and I still can’t surf without VPN.


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