2 thoughts on “Freedom.

  1. Isn’t that fast?

    Erm… psst… Can I leech?

    Oh wait. 30 hours, you must not be downloading from NUS. You must be in Brunei already. T_T

    – uzyn.com

  2. 30 hrs is FAST =|
    Well actually considering the download rate was 100-200kb/s it could be considered that.
    Am still here in NUS. Actually if I were back home it would be waaaaaaay slower I think. Maybe 30 days :P
    Anyway I need another COMPUTER to PLAY HALF-LIFE2!!!!! :”(
    I got to load it just now, heard the G-man saying a few things then comp HUNG!! :”(
    I’ll be getting 2 desktops in the next 2 days I think :D yay!!! haha


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