Nice holidays so far

** Updated at 7:11:50 on 2004/12/02 **
Monday evening when to play pool with Naved and Anirudh (I hope I spelt it right, can never seem to spell properly :P).
Came back and fixed my Apache 2,
PHP 5, mySQL 4.1 configuration so that it actually works on my computer. FINALLY it works :D.
Tuesday went to Sim Lim in hopes of buying Half-Life 2. No luck because Steam offers a better package I think. I got silver :D
So after the long day I came back and tried to buy HL2 online. For some reason it kept rejecting my credit card :”(:”(:”(. Lucky my bro was online and that ‘broadband’ was just installed at home so he downloaded the Steam client for me and bought HL2 for me :D:D yay!!!! So I thought all I had to do was unencrypt the HL2 data from my computer because I thought the files were are preloaded into my computer, thanks to Steam, something they did with CS: Source. Apparently I was soooo wrong :'(:”(. 848MB to download and finished like in about 35 hours.
It was a good thing it was downloading though, because I was helping a friend to do a C++ project. I kind of know C++ now :D yay!! haha. Yes I’m a freak or a ‘freaaak!!’ as a friend told me. I love programming so what can I say? Might be trying to program and authentication mod for CS to authenticate users in order for better statistic tracking.
Anyway back to HL2. Finished downloading. But I cant play :'(. Several times it hung on the menu screen due to the fact that a level is loaded and is the background of the menu screen. I think it hung because there isnt enough video memory :( 16mb is pathetic :”(:”( The strange thing was on the 1st start up it was fine. I loaded properly but I couldnt see my mouse cursor. Then I realised my comp hung :| So restarted (thank goodness I’m NOT on the NUS domain and can boot up within 1 minute :D) and tried again. This time it hung before even showing the menu items on the menu screen. So tried again same thing. Then I decided to load it without the background as I read you could do that on the Steam forums. Tried that and it loaded and I started a new game. Took some time, but it loaded then I heard the G-Man asking Gordon Freeman, the character that you play, to wake up. So naturally I think the black screen I see is normal. Then suddenly the audio stops. Comp HUNG AGAIN!!! :”(:”( I give up. Just need another computer. Will be getting 2 desktops within the next 2 days I think :D:D So I will be able to play HL2 :D:D
Right now I’m settling to play CS : Source for a while. By myself because I cant play online because NUS is doing something funny with the network connections and stuff.
Happy holidays people!! And for those left with exams good luck and study hard!

‘Pathetically’ at 640×480 but it still runs!!! hahaha
So fun to play around with the physics. I played with a see-saw and swing and slide!!!! hehehe
Okay I should get some sleep, slept like 4/5hrs last nite.
I think I’ll try BIOS upgrade later, because if I screw up my laptop then I will have to buy a new 1 :D:D haha :P A newer 1 that I can play HL2 on :P:P Can’t wait for the desktops to come for me to play HL2 :D


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