Life been bad

For module choosing. Clashes and modules not being offered to engineering students in semester 2….

Anyway went to chalet on Monday until Wednesday morning. All the way in the east National Service Resort & Country Club. No Internet connection… Costa Sands Resort the last chalet I went to had a connection and a good one at that. Ended up going to McDonalds to get my fix of emailing important stuff like my appeal to take a module despite a clash in lecture timing….
Watched ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘My Sassy Girl’ the 1st night of the chalet. 2nd night planned to night cycle and watch the sun rise but it was raining… grrrr Wasted money on renting the bikes. I learnt Mahjong there!!! :P haha Need a reference guide to ‘read’ the characters though haha

Anyway I think this semester which starts on Monday :|:|:| is going to be quite a bad one. 5 modules with 2 modules having the grade soley based on projects :|:|:| Anyway hope for the best for all the rest of you still choosing modules.


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