Laptop screen screwed

IE screwed.
Adobe Acrobat Reader screwed.

How the heck am I supposed to use my laptop now. Life doesn’t seem to get any better does it?
Tried attaching my laptop to a TV set yesterday. Its ok if you want to watch DVDs on the TV but its killing my eyes if I try to read the text. Had to change resolutions and despite that still very hard to read. TV resolution is 320×240. I think I heard or read that somewhere. Correct me if I’m wrong but I could care less if I were. All I want is a working laptop.

Attended 2 lectures so far. And both of them seem like putting a nail in the coffin that I seem to have bought myself this semester. Workload going to be pretty heavy I think. Next semester I’m not sure if its going to be any different with my FYP (Final Year Project) and Real time embedded systems which everyone says is another killer module just like EE2011 Electromagnetics that I’m taking this semester. Sigh…
Thats all I can do.
Sponsors stuff not confirmed. Club disorganised I feel. Noone reads mails. Noone contributes. Or at least so it seems.


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