Tiring days

Been at the IES Fair 2004 and managing IES Gamecon 2005 aka IES LAN Games 2005.
See guys playing so much better than me :P
Anyway nice experience, better than last years IES Network Games 2004. This year a lot of timing problems due to people not wanting to skip class. Just wondering why I didnt seem to have that problem last year haha. Anyway 42 people joined due to my lack of forsight to limit registration to 32. But actually maybe I should have let it be a 64 player cap. Well note to the NEXT IES IT and publicity committees. Publicise EARLIER eventhough you may not have finalised the details of your sponsorships. Do NOT be like me!!!! :P
Also do NOT wait for approval for the LAN games from OSA before going to find sponsors :P
Well the sponsors I got where Playworks (for the computers and some prizes they got through their own sponsors), Barracuda (for the mouse pads as well as prizes) and atf (for some prizes).

Been a long and tiring experience. Today is the last day and I’m up at 0500 due to my 0530-0930 security shift. So I’ll be hear at the Science Foyer from 0530 to about 2000 or maybe even later. Have to see how things go with pack up and stuff.

Anyway I better start doing my assignment due on Monday :(
Tuesday paper design for EE3208 Embedded Computer Systems. I havent even started on that :|
Weekend going to be work filled :S:'(
Need to do my EE2001 project at get the RF circuit designed as well as working hopefully :D


3 thoughts on “Tiring days

  1. :) Hope everyone had fun.
    Was fun for me. Tiring but fun.
    There will be more in store for gaming in NUS if I have anything to say about it :D

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