Happy Chinese New Year to all!!!!

Just came back. Went out for dinner and then walked around the Esplanade. They got lots of stuff going on there. Lots of carnival games and stuff. Brings back memories of when I was in International School when they were having carnival games and such. I remember something to do with hitting a coconut with tennis balls I think as well as this 1 game where you roll a coin in order to land on a coloured spot. A green spot means double your coin value back or something like that. I remember playing that a lot and getting money back hahaha :P Signs of a young gambler? :P

Had dinner and girlfriend’s aunt’s place. Watched a movie starring Andy Lau (at least thats what my girlfriend said, I dont know who Andy Lau is :P) playing Mahjong. Ever since I’ve learnt how to play Mahjong during the IES Chalet early in January I want to play more :P haha



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