Opera rules!!! =D =D

Just read my bro’s blog and saw this.
All I can say is muahahahaha =p
But really I like Opera and I have liked it since version 3.21 =D
Yes its not perfect, yes it has ads (well only if you dont register/ crack it =P) but for me its all that I want from a browser and possibly even more I have yet to find out =D

To answer my bro’s question of him not seeing much difference is that Firefox is a more plain simple browser for those people looking for just an IE replacement. Opera on the other hand is more of a power browser offering more features (integrated mail client, IRC, PIM, notes) without having to install extensions. Speaking of extensions my friend installed a compatible extension for FF 1.0 and it caused his comp to crash and lose all his FF bookmarks.

Both are great browsers I admit. Opera isnt perfect either, it has some problems here and there. The most daunting ‘problem’ for new users I would guess is the ads; I bet there are people who believe that the ads are spyware but that is not true (Refer here). If you dont like the ads perhaps you could ask your university / school to get FREE licenses thats what I’m doing now :P

Firefox does support somethings that Opera doesnt. For some reason I cant access some https sites on Opera because Opera says it requests a login authentication method that is not supported but it works in FF *shrug*. MathML works better in FF the last time I checked.

Anyway I recommend trying both but for me Opera works the best and the way I like it. Customizable, feature rich, totaly a different and refreshing way to broswe the web and I wouldn’t have it any other way =D


5 thoughts on “Opera rules!!! =D =D

  1. Anything else that IE is fine. Say NO to IE… And embrace freedom.

    Uhh…by freedom I mean from crap like spyware and viruses. But say hello to carppy websites that “Recomend IE version6…..” #%$(@*##@$…..:@

  2. ryn: it’s ok, i’m sure i’ll have enough wires :P thX!

    wat’s this about opera and firefox again? :S


  3. It’s not like I haven’t gave Opera any tries. I did, twice, and I just don’t like the experience. It’s not because of the ads cause if it is, I woulda delete the damn program after I first start it up.

    I love FF the first instance I use it. There’s just some unexplanable obsession I have with it. Maybe the same obsession I have with Mars, GG and MC


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