And so it continues

My bad day is becoming more than just that. Screwed up quiz I had this morning. My EE3208 board is screwed up so I cant even test any software I’ve written. And its far from finished. Hardware still needs some changing. My boat is yet to be realised. And I have 2 more labs to do. Now I cant sleep because I’m feeling too panicky. This is my lousy sucky life. Oh wait I havent even mentioned about studying. When will that come in I dont know. Project deadlines all in 2 weeks. How long can one survive without sleep? I may find out the good or bad way. So what else can I do now except program EE4210 Computer Communications Networks 2 project.
Whats the worse that could happen? Fail the module and because of that I wont fulfil the prerequisites for the other module that I want to take. The stupid thing is that the module I want to take along with its prerequisites are offered only in the second semester. I worse comes to worse I’ll be extending 1 year study here. Oh wait thats if I live that long. Will all the earthquakes and stuff I bet the end of the world could come to. And I wont be surprised.
Enjoy life while you can people.


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