Little Red Riding Hood swims!!!! =D

If you are wondering what LRRH (Little Red Riding Hood) means its the name of my boat =D She works, but she has a few bugs here and there :(
I think the motors are either not good enough or uses to much current.
Testing in Prince George’s Park Residences (PGP/PGPR) fountain tomorrow =D Hope I dont get too many funny stares :P
Hopefully it will work well with the lead acid accumulator :)
Going to be a busy weekend with assembly programming for my EE3208 Embedded Computer Systems module. Doesnt help that I didnt learn much assembly programming in EE2007 Microprocessor Systems. It wasnt a conducive way of learning the language. Sigh :(
Need to catch up on sleep as well :(

Been looking through lots of free software just now after trying to find a proper hex editor for my EE3208 project so that I can combine my sound files into 1 big chunk for easier burning into the EPROM. If you dont understand my last statement it doesnt matter. Nothing I really want to describe. Let me reiterate to all ECE students of NUS. EE3208 really is a module where you actually learn things. However, and thats a BIG however, it is VERY VERY VERY time consuming. But it is worth it. At least I think so. If you are up to the challenge I dare you to try :P Just dont blame me for anything :P

Anyway below are a few good links for free and even open source programs for just about anything you would need to do. complete freeware collection: It all started from this site :P

GNUWin — Open your Windows !
The OSSwin project: Open Source for Windows!
Win32 SAPPS _ Stand Alone Apps

TinyApps.Org: Another nice site I’ve bookmarked for a long time :)
Back to resting I guess. Been a tiring week and 3 projects due in 2 weeks. In exactly 2 weeks I will be relieved for all the projects being over but that is also the time of the start of the reading week for exams :|
Reading week is going to be bad :( LOTS of things to catch up on :(
Anyway I should stop typing. Think I’ll go get some ice cream :P
Enjoy your weekend people


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