Its ‘done’ =D

EE3208 Embedded Computer Design is ‘done’ =D
Well I havent fully tested the IR detection but everything else works =D
Tomorrow maybe add a filter for my sound. But this module feels so rewarding once its done =D
But there are still reports to be done :(

My boat is ‘done’ too. Report and presentation material to prepare.
Networks II little bit of programming to do and report to do. I think I’ll actually survive this semester =D Thank God.
But its done =D=D
Happy happy =D Think I’ll go play something =D
Good night people!!!!


6 thoughts on “Its ‘done’ =D

  1. Step 1: Ask PCB fabrication next to DD lab :P (PS bring along Naved / Fahad :P)
    Step 2: As DD lab :P Esp the good friendly lab people =D
    Step 3: Go find friends at ARL :P (well not my friends but friends of my friend :P)
    Step 4: WIRE WRAP!!!! MUAHAHHAHA :P Not ‘that’ many pins right? :P


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