One last one

EE3208 Computer Embedded Systems done.
EE4210 Computer Communications Networks II ‘done’ minus exam and report.
EE2001 to be done in about 12 hours.
The remote controlled boat works. Bluetooth phone connection works. Direct server control works. Internet client control works (though I dont think I’ve really tested it :S:S:S). Car works in the sense that the motors move. But its too heavy to move properly :(. Guess my extra feature of a server to support both a car and a boat wont work as perfectly as I hoped. But what do you expect. So after tomorrow NO MORE PROJECTS!!!! =D=D=D For the semester at least.
Still got 2 more lab reports to do for EE3101 Digital Signal Processing and STUDYING!!!! Luckily only 3 examinable modules this semester but the timetable is packed. 25th , 27th and 29th.
Its going to be 1 heck of a reading week.
Good luck to all the boats tomorrow and all the best.

*Mental note: wake up at 730. Reprogram microcontroller with the proper software at lab. Test boat and car. Take a deep breath. Breathe out. Present. Demo. Enjoy :P And most of all. DONT PANICK!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Couldn’t sleep just now. Too nervous. Seem calmer now. But when I lie in bed who knows :'( Calm…. Calm…. Sea breeze… (just wondering is that calming? :P) … Ice cream… mmmm now thats calming :P

Off to attempt to sleep #2… :P
Night people. All the best to all the boat people tomorrow =D


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