Well the projects and labs are finally all done. Handed in 2 lab reports today and back to studying. Studying sleepily because I was awoken this morning by a friend’s SMS at about 9 saying that there was a long queue for luggage storage. I wanted to queue up but after seeing the crowd I was too lazy to :P
Slept at about 2am so was sleepy but felt it was time to get up. So ‘bummed’ around for about an hour before going to hand in reports. After that been trying to study EE2011 Engineering Electromagnetics. Sleepily study. Almost done with the first part. The second part is more managable due to the fact that there was a quiz in each tutorial.

Oh wait not all projects are done. Hopefully hand in report for EE2001 on the remote controlled boat. Its basically all done. Just need to do a few code updates and put that in the report. Maximum page limit is 50 excluding code listing. Countable pages is 49, total report length is 170+ :|
Anyway back to studying. Goodluck for exams people and study well.


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