** Updated at 18:24:54 on 2005/04/28 **
Studying EE2011 (just realised I typed 2012 instead of 2011!!!!! what the heck!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!) is a bore :”(
And heck I havent even really studied :'(
Just trying to do the cheat sheet for the entired afternoon till now :| And already I’m drained. Too much math. Too much crap.
So on to tutorials and past year papers. I really dont know how to get through this. Just utter crap.
Thats it. Shower then ice cream then work on bed :”(

On a side note. Nintendo Acapella: for those Nintendo fans out there :P Nice stuff.

The one million download challenge of Opera 8: Opera’s CEO will swim from Norway to the USA. hehe. In other words: 1 million downloads => CEO will swim from Norway to USA :P
You can help the cause here :P Download Opera 8: Windows | Linux i386 | FreeBSD i386 | Solaris Sparc | Mac (beta release)

Back to EM on bed…. :”(


One thought on “:’(

  1. “You can help the cause here”

    means you can help kill that poor man here?

    That’s the most stupid dare I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Opera’s CEO has no faith in his own company’s software.

    – uzyn.com

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