Exam in 14 hours

** Updated at 19:24:14 on 2005/04/25 **
My first exam of the semester: EE3101 Digital Signal Processing. Not too bad. Maybe the ‘easiest’ of the 3 written exams I have. I should sleep early but I’m not sleepy though. Maybe its good that the exam is at 1pm. Wednesday is a 9am paper =| Don’t even remember the last time I was up at 9am :P

I should buy popcorn to eat. Craving more popcorn :P Only thinking of popcorn because of this. I’ve heard that you are not supposed to try to pop unpopped kernels. Anybody else heard of this?

Anyway play something to relax myself before sleep I guess. Got back to playing Quake III. Aaahhh the good old days.

Good luck for exams once again people!


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